I love to make stuff out of paper and card.  I really enjoy sending and receiving mail through the post; I am a snail mail fan. I try my hand at knitting and sewing and can only dream of improving.

I am so lucky to be a SAHM. Married to my lovely husband, we have one son together and fingers crossed we hope to extend our family in the future. 

I have always been interested in creating and making things. If I am honest, the messier the better. This love of creating things; be it from paper and glue or material has come together with my love of photography in to scrapbooking and project life.

In terms of style it would be fair to say that my pages are always full of colour and full of product; I am a scrapbooking retailers dream. Aside from the whole chunky layout thang, I really do try and push myself to be as diverse as possible. I love to try new techniques, ideas, materials, new colour combos. Anything that stretches me away from the normal routine. I am a paper, digi and hybrid scrapbooker .

I do like card making. I also enjoy making mini books and other little paper engineering projects. Pocket letters are super fun.

My other hobbies include running, baking and cooking, other sporty things, pen pal-ing, reading and Internet and real life shopping. I sometimes wish there were more hours in the day to enjoy it all.