Saturday, 29 December 2007

Day 28 - Once a Year

Use columns on thsi one she said. Do you know how difficult it is to do colums on a 6 x 12???? It is so not easy!

So I went for a ribbon-made visual representation of columns instead!

Text reads:

New scarf - trees decorated - SNOWGLOBES - Unwrapping presents - Wmas pud - Roses chocolates - Queens Speech - Time off work - NEw party dress and dressing up - Dressing the table for dinner - Sales - Journal - London alive and alight.

1 comment:

mandijane said...

wotcha girlie.....been a while since I checked in on your blog but wowza it's looking mighty fandabidozy....looking forward to saying hey at the getaway later this year..
Happy New Year.....hope its a cracker