Sunday, 23 March 2008

Snow, snow, snow

Happy Easter to everyone, where ever you may be in the world if you read this post.

Today is Easter Sunday and I opened the blinds in my bedroom only to discover its snowing. Its thick, fat old flakes of snow and this is very very unusual!

It never snows in England at the this time of year for a start. Secondly I live on the Essex coast, and when I say coast you can see the sea from our bedroom window - just!

With loads of salt in the air it rarely gets cold enough for the white stuff, so I guess today indeed is a day of miracles.

I love snow, it makes my heart tingle with joy. I plan to have my breakfast, get dressed in some cold weather gear and get out in it soon!

Happy Easter xoxoxo


mandijane said...

We've got brilliant sunshine....not a snowflake in sight this morning....

Debbie said...

Snow - you lucky devil!!
Have a peep at my blog - I;ve given you an award