Sunday, 27 April 2008

Ifa Wyvestone Mini Book Class

At my monthly crop at Wyvestone yesterda, Ifa taught us a mini book class.

This invovled some sewing which managed to confound a few and test the patience of many - Ifa I salute your patience!!

It was a great class and I loved the book I ended up with.

I had a whole host off zoo photos from Canada. It seems that wherever we go in the world we end up at a zoo so I wanted to make something to record this quirky fact about our holidays!

I managed to get some lovely MM Ella papers from Artbase this week. Although it is designed for babies, I thought it would be perfect since it is peppered with cute animals, flock and glitter!

Hope you like it, this certainly took me out of my comfort zone.


Richelle said...

Great Mini Book!

Maureen said...

So cute! Love all the scallops!