Monday, 16 June 2008

The amazing Mr and Mrs CD

On Saturday at Scrapaganza I was lucky enough to do four classes with CD, this was her CD Memory Play class.

It was ultra amazing and if you getthe chance to do a class with this lady, do it!

I came away having learnt some amazing techniques. All of them I could do myself, at little cost. Lots of painting, cardboard and mess in general. I left feeling really eager to make my pages with more homemade touches and less stuff bought from shops.

The other people in the class werer exceptionally nice!

*Big waves* to you all. Hi to Alison, sorry I didnt get to say goodbye in person, waves to Flossyjamba and your Mum, thanks to Amanda and your Gran Daisy for the cutest crochet butterflies! I cant wait to see the flowers on a clip in CJ's hair sometime!

Here are some of the LO's I created......oh and a piccy of CD's wall of LOs and her glamourous assistant/husband Cam.


Anonymous said...

All of your wonderful art posted in this entry and the past few entries is just awesome!! Beautifully done!

Heather said...

These are absolutely terrific pages!

Gia Harvey said...

Lovely pages!

Flossyjamba said...

hi coleymac! came across your blog on uks (a gogo girl - I never knew!!) and was chuffed to be waved at on your blog

**waves back**

great layouts - see you next year?

Lesley said...

Great pages xx