Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Is it like Hermes the scarf people?

asked the very nice woman in the charity shop in Edgeware!
"I don't think so", I replied!

I picked up my second typewriter yesterday. Its real heavy and I trudged it half way across the country. Oh the things you do when you have stash envy (Laura!)

Anyway, I like to think of it as a little investment, it really was a bargain as I have seen what they retail for in the USA. My Dad asked if I would clean it and sell it, I said, "No way". It's going to be a retro heirloom.

So here it is then, the picture on Ebay didnt do it justice. (Did I mention how much I DETEST - yeah in capitals and all - EBAY it truely is the shopping medium of the devil) The marks are only where the case goes on and off. It still contains the brush and paper holders within the case unit. Just needs a clean up and a lovely spanking new lovingly designed art and craft room to pop it in now.

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