Thursday, 7 August 2008

Kristina Contes

I was sad when she restircted her blog but was pleased yesterday to find it again.

I found this article CLICK which makes interesting reading.

Anyway, looking ofrward to her Etsy shop opening real soon. x


Debi said...

Wow, interesting article. I am a die hard stamper and not into scrap booking. I read this with interest and thought to myself that we are artists need to make sure that we do not try to pass off someone else art as our own. I can't imagine what she must have had to deal with. Glad I was not in her shoes. Wow, that is tough.

Sue said...

Poor Girl!! Theres room for EVERY type of scrapbooking/art/craft..I thought the rule was..there are no rules!!
Lots of small minded people!