Friday, 22 August 2008


More books!

I picked up Twilight in Watersones yesterday, I had nothing to read on the train on the way home.

I had barly 40 pages left when at 2300 hours I was informed that I had to turn the light off or go to another bedroom! I desisted!

Wow what a book. Yeah so OK its about teenage vampires, but man its hard to put it down.

So I went to WH Smiths today, 2 for 1 offer on the next two in the series, think I am about half way through book 2 (!) new moon.

Erm, art and creativity books, I got How to Make a Journal of your Life by Dan Price, The Gueruilla Art Kit by Keri Smith and Sabrina Ward Harrisons Spilling open. I was discussing the fact that I might be addicted to books and reading today! I figured there are worse addictions!

So I guess this weekend I shall mostly be scrapping and reading!!

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