Thursday, 9 October 2008

Brazilian Blow Dry Diary

I have been really lucky and had a Brazilian done to my hair. I promised that I would do an honest to goodness account for my wonderful hairdresser Kelly. So here it is....

Day One

Thursday night Kelly set to work on my hair.

Step one was to wash with a special shampoo and then 80% dry. My hair is badly chemically damaged at the mo so here it is having been washed and rough dried.

Here it is having been combed through.

Next the 'stuff was applied'. It was like a cold colour throughout my hair. It smelt of a yummy chocolate which worked for me.

Kelly then dried the stuff in. This started to create steam. I quite liked it as I was enveloped in a yummy cloud of chocolate smelling steam. Kelly sadly got a faceful and went a bit red at first!! Molly thought we were cooking something and had left it in the oven!!

When it was all dry she next straightened each section of hair 10 times. I did keep everything crossed that my hair wouldnt fall out at this stage. No problem and lots more steam!! This did take a while though.

When it was done it gleamed and shone like you wouldnt believe. It felt heavy and thick and all those awful nasty ends had been smoothed down.


This stuff is all organic and very gentle. It dosent alter the structure of your hair, it coats it with a Keratin treatment that should last for ages.

THe trick is not to touch it for at least two days. No tucking it behind my ears, putting it up, wearing a hat. This is to keep it int he shape you will get at the end of the treatment.

THe first night I slept I was conscious of not moving my head and was a little stiff in the mroning! My pillow did smell of that chocolate and I would advise and extra pillow slip for this bit!!

Next day I woke up with an inevitable curl.....

But I straightened this out with my GHD's and it was as good as new.

Day two I was really worried as I had to go out in public. It still looked good and there wasnt even that overnight kink!

Wierdly as the day wore on I knew when the stuff had taken as my hair visibly relaxed and fell really straight and looked great!

Day three. OK This was longer than it needed to be on but I wanted to be sure it would take! It looked and felt bad, it was very greasy. (Dont plan anything for day three if you leave it this long - you will regret it!)

Finally the big wash off. You do need to use Sulfate Free shampoos and conditioners if you have this done to prolong its life.
Kelly has a lsh smelling peach duo that I know you can buy. I got some posh stuff from HQ Hair (Google this its the best shop ever!) or I believe that Boots and Sainsburys do a really cheap range as well.

Having been cleaned out and combed through I asked that she just rough dry it. No tricky stuff and no hairdressers blow dry. I wanted to see what it would do. It did this......

and I was impressed!
I havent used my straightners or any products since. The hair just falls into place and even overnight it dosent curl or twist anymore.

I left my hair for three days before I did it myself, the real test. It looks just the same! Its dead straight, sleek, feels great and feels in much, much better condition.

I have to say I love this stuff and Im already booked in pre Christmas!


Heather Lee-Reppen said...

WOW! Your hair looks incredible!

Sue said...

looks really impressive. Hairdressing has moved on SO much since I was practicing!!

Karen said...

I have just shown Gracia this blog entry and she soooooooooooooo must have this for Christmas! Your hair looks absolutely beautiful and so shiney.

Oh well, off to find a local hairdresser who does this and to arrange the bank loan to pay for it.

Karen said...

Hi Karen, I have just show Gracia this blog entry and she soooooooooo must have this done as her Christmas present! Your hair looks so beautiful and shiney after the treatment.

Oh well, off to find a local hairdresser who does this and then to arrange the bank loan to pay for it!

Kari said...

Wow! Your hair looks great! Thanks for sharing!!