Saturday, 18 October 2008

Gogo Back to School

I was really lucky to have taught a mini book class at Gogo back to School in Ongar at the beginning of the month. I also was able to participate in the other classes throughout the day.
Here are some of the LO's that I made....

This was designed by Helen. I loved the fact we got a free stamp we got with this class. OK and the chocolate was also good!! I was supposed to bring a picture of my lounge, erm but didnt so had to improvise with a picture of the pool in Turkey instead. I think I pulled it off magnificently!!

Next here was the Design class that Eileen taught. I admire the way she ever so patiently cuts out everything by hand and how neat and perfect it all looks. I am so not able to do that so whilst I did mine by hand I kindof went for the imperfect is perfect rule.

Here is the first LO...

We also got some goodies for a bonus LO. I used up my bigger bits of paper so used a piece of Love Elsie Forrest paper that I had at home to finish this one off.

Finally I still had so much left over that I made a card for my BIL's fortieth birthday in December!


Kari said...

Great pages!!! Fantastic layouts! Love the embellishments too! Great card too!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful layouts!! Great job of choosing colors and embellishments! Love the card, too!! All beautifully done!