Sunday, 12 October 2008

Plans for the weekend

Nothing exciting going on here.
At Hintlesham Hall the Scrapbook show is on today but I am not going. We are decorating our hall and I didn't think it very fair to trot off and go shopping for a few hours! Sigh.
So more decorating. laying of flooring and generally sorting out for me.
Tomorrow I have some photos to take so I hope the fog lifts. I have awokent o a very grey and overcast Essex today.
Tomorrow night is a bit more exciting though, we are off to Covent Garden Opera to see some Ballet. We are going to see Manon. I am told its boy meets girl, Girl and boy fall in love. Girl cant give her her lifestyle gained via a second man who sees her as a courtesan, etc! Can't wait to see the costumes and the music is supposed ot be very good too.

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