Saturday, 13 December 2008

Life gets in the Way

What is it about December? Does the time seem to run twice as quick as any other month or what?

I seem to running out of time for everything at work and home at the moment. Thus I have not blogged for what seems like an eternity!.

So I have picked up my Wedding Dress and booked a photographer.

I have almost finished all my Christmas Shopping. I am only ONE week behind on my christmas jounral - always seem to be behind on this one! The house has been decorated with three trees. This is a little excessive but I swung the vote by saying that there are worse vices than liking christmas and enjoying the tree decorations!! I will try and photograph them this weekend and upload some photos.

I should be out photographing my friends horse and donkey for her daughter for Christmas but the weather is dire! So I get to stay in and scrapbook instead - hurrah!!

I am having lots of fun playing with the Gogo January kit which is really bright and zingy.
Here are a little sneep peeks at one LO that I have been playing with....

I am also looking forward to Gogo Make Some Time in January once all the madness is over.

(Some pictures from Flickr and some from me!)

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