Saturday, 14 February 2009

Here, there and everywhere...

Tomorrow I start a new online class hosted by the lovely Miss Shimelle.

It is a six week online album. Here are some more details.....

Here, There and Everywhere: an album documenting the places you’ve been and the places you dream of going.

Here, There and Everywhere is the name of the workshop but it’s also the name of the album’s three sections. Here documents the kind of travel you do near home: tiny little everyday journeys and important sights on your hometown landscape. There records the places you have been. Whether they are close or far away, we’ll illustrate your travels so far. Everywhere is something entirely new: we’ll be scrapbooking about the places we dream of going and looking into making the travel of our dreams one step closer to reality.

Along with all the lovely creations that Shimelle makes, we get to see some goodies from Kelli Crowe, Nichol Magouirk and Jennifer Johner. Also some Tia Bennett digi elements are included.

Cost is roughly £17.40 and you get 18 prompts for your money.

Check out the BLOG for further details and sign up.


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