Tuesday, 14 April 2009

GoGo Academy Go Goes Live!

GoGo Academy is all about making you think about WHAT you scrapbook, adding words to the nice pictures.
It's about LOOKING at yourself, your THOUGHTS and your ADVENTURES in a new way.
Doing things you may not have usually done and writing words you may not have thought about.

GoGo Academy is a series of monthly Modules written exclusively for ScrapaGoGo by Helen Miles.
Delivered over twelve months, each Module link will be emailed to you just in time to work on with the month's kit.

Some Modules are seasonal, some are thoughtful and some are just plain fun!
Month by month you will receive new and exciting tasks to get you scrapping;
some will be spread over a few weeks and some will be enough to keep you busy until the next.

You need do nothing to take part and you can join in each month or dip in and out when you have time.

There will be spot prizes along the way and maybe a graduation prize too.
You are more than welcome to join in even if you do not subscribe to the ScrapaGoGo Kit Club,
but it is asked that you read the rules on uploading to the Gallery on the Clubhouse.

The theme for this month is GoGo Self Appreciation, that's right, GoGo is kicking off the sessions
with a page all about lovely YOU! Scrapping things that make you feel great,
stuff which you've achieved and why you should be proud of YOURSELF!

So when do we start?

Click Here And Start NOW!

Thanks to the lovely Helen and GoGo HQ for letting me be a part of the project.

To create a twist on the CV theme of me, I went for a laundry.

I pulled out all the photos of me that I liked, hung them on my washing line with pegs and snapped away.

I got some great shots and will definately use this idea again. I hung all my photos on my line to create my 'lifes laundry'

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful layout! If I scrapped I definitely would consider this. Love the look!! Great picture of you too!