Thursday, 9 July 2009

Fat Ribbon

I have been wanting to do some layouts and cards with fat ribbon for a while.

Wide/chunky/fat - from a habadashery where I bought meters of the stuff for a very modest £2.75.

I am loving fat bows and chunky crossovers at the moment.

I have amassed a collection of Collage Press Sweet Shoppe papers at the moment so thought I would attempt to get through some of it.

A cupcake card....

Some of the die cut shapes....
(With a fat bow.)I also dusted off my MM tag maker and popped out a Butterfly. I believe they have recently re badged teh gadget as Slice. My retro original is exactly the same though.

As a child of a child of the 70's, she was bound to like the best lolly in the world wasnt she! Fab.

The papers here remind me of 70's textile patterns too.


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