Sunday, 15 November 2009

About the Sport

It can be really hard to take a decent photo in a golf range, kind of like getting a photo of someone standing in front of a window.

Shooting with the sun in front of you either means over or under exposed photos (well when its off the auto settings in any case!)

I took some shots of DH, not the best Ive taken but I really wanted to use them on a layout. (Imperfect camera motion)

I tried to take away the emphasis off the photos by adding them as a group and using some interesting shapes and embellishments. I had one darker photo whilst the rest were light so I had the imbalance by making this odd one larger than the rest.

Got to take my hat off to real life sports photographers as they really dont have an easy job!


Eileen said...

Sometime you just gotta uses those slight dodgy photos anyway and I think it looks good.

Sports photographer probably make their lives easier with 1000s of pounds of equipment.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the layout! (And your blog, BTW. I think I tried to leave a comment before, and it went into the stratosphere). I love taking sports shots. I think the key is a good camera, anticipation and taking a million shots. I think you did great.

Nadine said...

I tried a bit of sport photography
at one competition just for fun.
it wasn't easy trying to capture
THE moment >.<