Sunday, 8 November 2009

Hybrid Goodness

I fess to being a gadget geek, and yup computers are no exception.

I love to play with hybrid scrapping and add lots of lovely bitsies to my layouts using digi elements.

I have made a little layout which is a self portrait with a difference. I have used some lovely digi printable elements from Check out her new stuff HERE.

I am the most wooden person in front of a camera and when I get a picture that I feel happy with I will use it to death. (Thus why my Avatar's don't change very often!)(You often see me with an object in the frame which takes away the focal point from, well me!)

So here I am hiding behind my camera and I have used some of the editing tools on my photo software to alter the pictures. By adding different effects it takes the emphasis off me and by using lots of smaller photos I feel more comfortable than using just one big one!


Want a freebie?

Check out this cheeky little download number which you can use time and time again! From 2Peas (I love to scrapbook)


Inspiration for my text came froma Mutya Buena song that was playing in the background when I made the layout!

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Debbie said...

Love love love that LO!