Monday, 2 November 2009

Its old news now but still sad news

The very sad news about Scrapbook Inspirations is now common knowledge.

Like so many of the other people, this was the first craft type magazine that I had the courage to buy. I have been subbing to the magazine since early 2007.

It introduced me to many different types of crafts, styles and media. SI introduced me to Scrapagogo when it did an editorial fetaure on kits way back when and also to other real and cyber shops in my area and around the country that I didnt know existed. It also was the first place I read about UKS.

It was especially nice to see your friends layouts in print and then finally to see your own in there if you were very lucky.

Its such a shame as I know that SI had some very cool ideas and new articles planned and designed for the new year. The Christmas edition I think will be a testament to the hard work of all those who contributed.

I hope all those at Future with permanent jobs have been able to find a new role. Pre Christmas seems such a s*** time to be fearful of losing your job. My thoughts are with you all.

It's very sad that a home grown British title is no longer economically viable. Whilst I enjoy the glossy USA magazines, I am proud that our uniquely British style has its own place. I look forward to the special editions throughout the next year and I hope that the remaining UK magazines will benefit from increased circulation and support lest we lose another.

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