Sunday, 8 November 2009

My Favourite Widget

Prompt four in the Blogging course is to document something ordinary and routine that you do. I make my apologioes now but I just cant bring myself to do it.

Daily train travel, shopping routines, dog walking, internet surfing. Really it drains me just to type it - let alone write something inspirational about it! Nope, sorry cant do it.

So instead I want to share the love that I have for a certain little widget on my blog.

I am addicted to the Live Feed Tracker. Maybe its my wanderlust coming out, but I love to see who has visited and from where.

I fess up to Googling the unknown and random places in the world that come up as the listed address. (I know they arent always 100% accurate but I like seeing who is out there in cyber world)

Today, for example someone visited from Church in Lancashire. What a great name!

Wikipedia says:

Church's most famous son was Edward Ormrod or Ormerod (1834-1894), inventor in 1867 of the patent Ormerod Butterfly Clip, which has been responsible for saving the lives of generations of coal miners.

Cant find any photos of you though!

Romford has been visiting, I know the area very well. I used to work in Havering until very recently.

(Found a cool photo of Bedfords Park from Whipper Snapper on Flickr. When I put in Romford there were far too may photos of London buses, I know there is more going on there than just the odd red bus!)

So there, the end of my blog entry for class 4. As it said on the tin, its a story of something ordinary. (And if you are still here and reading at the end of this entry then i think you did really rather well to stick with it!!)


Gennifer said...

Great entry, and I definitely know what you mean!

Debbie said...

Mmmm, might have to add that widget to my blog!! You sound like my Mum, she looks up places on Google Earth!! Think it says i am Coventry!