Monday, 25 January 2010

The best kit, the best Mfr but the worst paper!

I love, love Studio Calico, I have been getting this kit for over three years now and I am a hugely dedicated fan. I love the brown bags, (I think they were the first you know!), love the stamps and the add ons are divine. They are always fresh and innovative.

This month I got a couple of add ons and threw everything together in the melting pot.

Now I also love Jenni Bowlin, used to get the kits once upon a time (when I had more time to scrap!). However, (this is the but bit) the letters paper in the Calico kit was my least favourite piece of paper.

What on earth am I going to do with that? Paint it, cover it? Hide it? Nope, I challenged myself to create a layout from my least favourite piece of paper in the kit! Here is words.....

I used the alphabet stamp in this layout - my new favourite. I opaqued the w o r d and s and then added some glitter, to highlight the letters in my title. I am kinda liking the effect!

Not entirely happy with this layout, but I know its because that piece of paper is on there. Sigh At least its gone now and I can use the rest of my kit knowing that I Love everything else!!!

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Cal said...

I think this is a great LO - especially when you consider that you used a piece of stash you hated!! I will have to follow your example - I tend to use the most miniscule pieces of paper I hate, just so I feel I've used them!!!!