Friday, 22 January 2010

Friday already, what happened to the week?

Whoa, what happened to the week? It kind of passed me by at an alarming speed!

I have some more digital projects to share today. (There will be some more tomorrow as today will be the second day spent housebound waiting for British Gas to fix our poorly boiler! There is generally always some good coming from some bad).

My friend Karen Moss had her gorgeous layout featured in the Two Peas newsletter today. She is very clever and has created the best page of her gorgeous doggie Kiera. HERE. Congrats to you x

The first layout is Look at the Birdie. This is Grace struggling with the whole concept of smiling for the camera. Its very difficult when you are two you know! The kit I used to make this is Sunday Kind of Love Solids by Michelle UNDERWOOD at Two Peas in a Bucket. HERE

It is yummy and compliments the Main kit to a tee. The best thing about this kit? It contains a digi version of kraft cardstock. Enough said!

My second is entitled 'and the point is'. I sometimes ask myself what the point of all the photography and scrapbooking really is! Well its about preserving a moment, taking a snapshot and committing it to paper to remember for always. I came across these photos I took for my MIL when she redecorated her bedroom, she wanted a special photo of the girls and asked me if I would take it for her. Its difficult to get four little girls to look in the same place at the same time - one is much easier!

This kit is Happy Paper Pack by Erica Hernandez at Two Peas HERE. The colours are bright and well, happy. They kind of pushed me out of that muted comfort zone I like to live in.

My final layout has been made to highlight a kit which makes me as a PSE user very happy indeed. The main thing that PSE dosent do and CS does is text paths. I am loathe to pay out £700 for software when for $12 you can purchase a kit that allows you to create shaped text paths that can be added as a layer in PSE. Job done and money saived!

Here is Megan playing about with some bubbles, kind of fitted in the circular theme I wanted to use to highlight the circular kit. Jen Martakis at Two Peas in a Bucket. Small Kit. Complete Kit.

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