Friday, 1 January 2010

A Vision in White

These past couple of days, I have mostly been learning to get a little more from my digital templates.

Here is an amazing template called DigiKit - Photo-a-Day Weekly Templates Set 1 By Jen Martakis. It is available at Two Peas in a Bucket and has been released this week. The kit itself has four templates in it. Each one has an amazing number of layers which can be tweaked, added to or removed.

All the papers I have used on the project come from a second new kit called
DigiKit - January also by Jen Martakis.

The photos were taken in the recent snowfall we had in the South of the England. In particular I went out to a village called St Osyth. IT was quite thick snow and most people hadn't ventured out so everything was pristine and white. This is my favourite part of the winter weather, freshly fallen and un-trodden in snow.

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Debbie said...

I really don;t have a clue with digi. Is there a free software package I can download to do the layering thingy, and to have aplay with, or fo I need PSE or something?