Monday, 11 January 2010

Weekend Challenges at Two Peas

The snow has finally started to melt, however I have managed to land myself a nice winter cold. To make ita little easier on my poor befuddled brain, I had a play yesterday with a few challenges from Two Peas.

SOme if not most of the challenges I decided to play with were in the digi forum. I have a huge pile of papers to use up so I have cretaed my layouts in the good old style of paper and glue!

The first was to be inspired by Sheri Horton. Her challenege was to be inspiried by a video or DVD cover. Well I couldnt find one, but I did find this....

which I thought has an interesting design.

So here is my interpretation.

This parrot photo was taken in Bucsch Gardens, Tampa. We got up really early to visit and arrived as the park opened. We were only allowed in to the area with restaurants and shops for half an hour. I kept myself amused with my super zoom lens and got some cool parrot shots of birds up in trees.
Only because I am feeling under the weather was I brave enough to throw quite so much colour at the page. I tried to tie in the embellishments with the colour of the background paper too.

The second challenge was another by Sheri Horton. This is entitled Inspired by a Pea. I took this image by Halloween Night Fight By Shannon Tidwell

Here is my Keeping Warm Twenty 10 layout. One good thing about the snow is that I get to wear some of my snow gear. This year that included pink fluffy ear muffs.(When else can you wear a hat that is deisgned oneither a panda or an owl?!and get away with it)

(These are I Phone photos so not the bestquality ever but still useable on layouts)

Finally, Katherine Teague posted a challenge about looking around you for inspiration. She includes a free PSD template HERE . I used the design but again created a paper onlyversion. This clean tyoe of layout isnt my normal style, but I really like how it ended up.

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