Saturday, 13 February 2010

More than exotic

When I was little, the family joke photo was duck in a field. I even made a layout about this subject.

For some reason my mum and dad used to get really excited to see a duck and would take a photo using a film camera. (Film cameras, I remember those!You know, before zoom lenses were even dreamed of.) Suffice to say we have lots of shots of green fields with a teeny tiny duck, very small in some far offset corner.

Now I seem to have adopted the same love, except I MUST take photos of flowers when we travel abroad. I have masses of them. Thats not to say they arent very pretty, or even at a push artistic. The thing is I have soooo many.

So I thought I had better document my passion, here is the first of what will probably be very many - foreign flaura and fauna.

This is Jen Matarkis' Simple Starts 12 digi template, I love the journal path that comes with this. You can whip it off and on to any layout that you fancy too.

Other supplies:
February and February add on Leaves and Swirls also by Jen at Two Peas in a Bucket

Edited to remove typo. Thanks to everyone that sent me mail!

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Karen said...

Karen - I suggest you reread your blog post as what your parents have been photographing is not for us to know about.