Saturday, 13 March 2010

Learning to knit

I am taking a few classes at the moment to learn how to knit.

First I went to a local group that I got in touch with through Ravelry. The ladies were so helpful and started me off with the basics so I could practice at home.

Next I went here to learn some more skills. I can cast on and off, increase and reduce stitches and on Monday I go back for some more to finish off a pair of these...

I also made the pilgrimage to the beautiful but oh so small shop that is Loop in Islington. Chekc it out HERE. The staff were so very helpful and I got the most amazing vintage cut glass buttons here too along with some beautiful burnt orange merino wool. (The lady told me that the goodies in her shop were called Stash!! Fabulous, just what I need more stash envy!)

It is an amazing shop though, if you get chance go. They have superb vintage ribbon and the most desirable wool I have ever seen (heart).

Finally on Thursday this week I am off to the Stitch and Craft Show at Olympia where I am taking a class to knit in the round, or make cute beanie hats. Shimelle is also doing card and mini book classes here throughout the weekend.

If I can just knit cute mittens and hats I will be a happy knitter indeed!

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Jane said...

Fabulous!! Well done you! I taught myself to knit using youtube videos a couple of months ago but so far have only made a few scarves. I've moved on to crochet now but am also loving the knitting and want to learn more.