Monday, 6 September 2010

EK on Saturday

Saturday was great. It was one of those days where I shuffled paper about, bemoaned the fact that I didnt have any inspiring photos, made friends with Ellie as I had the new Eminem CD in my car and ate too much rubbish resulting in a touch of heartburn. Loved those double choc cupcakes BTW Miss Moss!

Here are my three examples of the class that Ann designed for us.

We made a stitched patchwork layout, a paper layout and a cute mini book too.

Many, many thansk to ATDML for helping with the kit again. Check out the new Indie girl section in the shop HERE.

(back from the vets, we have now had our first anti biotic, first anti inflamatory and a foot bathe in pink antiseptic. They arent sure what it is so we will have to go back Friday. Lara is currently sporting a long red sock cunningly sewn onto straps which tie round her collar so she cant get the thing off. I wish someone would invent some handy gadget to keep paws covered which dont come off with pulling or nibbling.)

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