Thursday, 20 January 2011

Things to celebrate and consider today.

Lots of lovely scrapping goodness has arrived all in a yummy new 2011 box. I am looking forward to playing a little in between revising a lot!

Also, the first play with this awaits me today. I am all ready to create an 8 inch, double layer, royal iced cake with a small bear on top. Hmm , maybe I am trying to run before I can walk here!

My SIL has announced her wedding date (having gotten engaged end of last year)as September this year, I am excited and cant wait. I saw her last night and viewed her very long list of things to do. We discussed colour schemes, invites, organza and make up. Hurray for a wedding to look forward to.

Finally, the Microsoft has been a little poorly and today we have thrown up our hands in frustration and tonight will be replacing her with a newer, sleeker, made for Imedia model. Transition time will be pm tonight. Hopefully this will make the blogging easier again. Hurry home hubby.

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