Thursday, 24 February 2011

Only a few weeks left

until the exam and then life resumes as normal. Hopefully with some more craft related posts.

Today I did something I havent done for more years than I care to admit to! Here is a little clue...

Today I went horse riding. I have been working on the 'a lot of revision equates to a little treat' theory. Today marked a significant barrier in the revision so I decided to do something that I have been threatening for a while. AND I LOVED IT! (And I am so unfit and I have forgotten how physically hard it is!) Ahem.

I rode a grey horse called Harvey who was a little grumpy when standing on the ground and a little sluggish at a walk to start off with thus my being quite tired at the end of the lesson. However, at the faster speeds he was great, a very steady horsey on which to regain some skills and adult confidence!

I have been trying to remember how to hold the reins for a week and thought I would struggle with everything, but I got on (hurrah also for mounting blocks) and it really was like riding a bike. Got up to cantering and hope to do a little jumping next week. Need to work on the weight on the ball of the foot/stirrups and my heel position, but not a bad start.

When DH got home I was very excited and told (aka bored) him to death with an indepth account of my progress. He asked, "Didn't you gallop then?" My response was made with a raising of the eyebrows and a hrrummph-like noise.

Forgot to take photos, will do next week and post a little piccy of the said horsey - if he dosen't eat my camera as he really was rather grumpy! Expect to be walking like John Wayne tomorrow!

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Denise said...

I udes to love horse riding when I was younger, goodness knows what I'd be like if I went now !