Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Day 30 - A Year in Review 2007

Jan - Back to work New Year a blur following Mums death
Feb - Robs birthday and Valentines day
Mar - Move to *** at work
Apr - To Canada for what should have been Honeymoon
May - Birthday abroad and first crop - Rusty Pickle
Jun - Work exam 83% - 35th in the country!
Jul - Sorted 1st magazine publication
Aug - Joined DT team for Gogo Greetings
Sept - Taught 1st scrapbook class
Oct - Month of Mums birthday
Nov - Poorly back - off work three weeks
Dec - Xmas, ballet and Wicked. xx

What did I learn from this? I cant remember what happened last year! So I am going to make a book whereby each month next year I entry and jounral as to what I have done that month - good or otherwise!

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