Monday, 26 May 2008

Beck Fleck Page Maps

This is a LO I have done using the very first page map in Becky's new book.

I have to say I really like the feel of the book. The construction, the cute pack of extra cards you get to use on the hoof and the general vibe. It's thought provoking and creatively stimulating. If you are looking for a new book, but this one, Sadly I'm not on commission!!

Anyway, this is made using the recent Gogo Create kit. It's beautifully themed and perfect for this time of year, so much so I had some difficulties breaking in to it!!

LO based on my DH to be! Some recent time apart made me realise I worry too much abut the little stuff. Like that cushion he never squares up before he comes to bed which always waits for me in the morning when its squiffy and un puffed and is the first thing I foucs on as my day starts!!!! Also, it's the little stuff we do for one another which makes all the difference!


Maureen said...

What a sweet LO! I bet he really appreciated it!

Kari said...

The pages that you posted are just amazing!!! I love to scrapbook, but I am kind of intimidated by it!! I may have to take some lessons from your pages!!!

Ali M said...

Love the LO karen..Ive started to read my Becky F book..hope to getr round to some LOs real soon..

Heather said...

This is a beautiful page! Great job!