Tuesday, 24 June 2008

A new place of work...

I have a temporary new place of work.

Im now in central London, a stones throw away from Hamley's, Liberty's, Jon Richmond, Oswald Boatang, Benefit UK, Isssy Mikaye and so much more.

So today at lunchtime I went for a little wander and found myself in the hallowed shopping halls that are Liberty's. I love this shop. Did I mention that I REALLY LOVE THIS SHOP!

The architecture is amazing, it stands out amongst the Victoria buildings.

Today I had a little bimble in the stationery department and brought myself some nice Moleskin green leather journals, to encourage me with my daily journalling! I also had a trot through cosmetics and found a delicious mew Laura Mercier scent called marrons glace which Im so going to have to purchase within the next week or so!

Here are some piccies I found on line to give you a little taster if you have never been before. If you come to London, go in, its so worth it. They also have the most wonderful florists section, the scent wafts out on the pavement and brightens your day as you walk past - free of charge!

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Kari said...

Fantastic pictures!!!