Saturday, 3 January 2009

Using up some older kits

If I am honest I spend most of my time scrapping with Gogo Kits. I love them muchly and as the kits are developing and evolving I find myself really pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying techniques and products new. Having hapilly and eagerly completed all my DT layouts, I find myself going back to my kits to do stuff for other challenges and submissions.

However I do have somewhat of a shopping addiction. Honestly I dont know many scrappers that dont! I often think the thrill is finding and buying something new rather than actually using the stuff. This year I need to cull this habit. As Laura would insist, use it or lose it. As such (and due to the awful exchange rates) I have seriously cut down on what I am spending and subbing to.

This does however mean I have a little stash (alright more than a little) of older kits, mostly from America and if I am honest I have hardly touched them. I think I have six Scarlet Lime kits that I inisisted on buying but never used. My weakness is two fold. Stamps and paints. Anything with something in I cant buy from another retail outlet I obsess over!! And therefore purchase. (I know that you shouldn't start a sentence with the word And but sometimes it is required!)

So this year I am going to dig out some of my older stuff and use it up (or give it away)

As such here are a few LO's that I have created, this time I have used some new and older Studio Calico stuff. I have taken some inspiration from the galleries and some of my own ideas all thrown in to the mix here.

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Laura said...

well done!

I think the manta is a useful addition to a scrapper's life...

p.s. if you want to lose any of it in my direction....feel free! lol!