Sunday, 1 February 2009

Nicola's Wyvestone Class

Yesterday I had a great day at the Wyvestone crop.

I felt very righteous as instead of eating chocolate, cake and generally crapy food, I had a healthy lunch and dinner instead. For the first time in many months I actually came home not feeling ill becuase of all the atrocious food I ate! It's a kind of habit I got in to and needed to break.

Nicola did a lovely class using some paints and a Prima Paintables sheet. Here is my interpretation of it.

I seem to be very short of decent new photos at the moment so was brave (for me) and used a somewhat blurry one with the whole embrace imperfection theme. Mental note to self, get out of house and do (exciting) stuff so that I can have new photos!!

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Jane said...

wow this is fantastic, I love the photo too Karen, the colour combo is completely yummmy and that huge water coloured floer is Fab.