Sunday, 1 February 2009

Sunday, sunday

It's mostly been snowing today outside our house. I have been brave and ventured out once to get the shopping and several times to the out building to do some washing. The exciting and glamourous life that I lead!!

I have also had a major wedding wibble today and am seriously contemplating just disappearing to Vegas to do without all the annoyances and contrivance!!

Ho hum. I was lucky to get a SU order feom Kirsty yesterday. I finally got the SU scallop punch. I highly rate this as it has such a nice deep scallop. It is much smoother to use than the Fiskars threading water counterpart.

I also got the new stamp and scrub cleaner too. Sadly I didnt read the book and didnt realise you need to mist too. Sigh. I have ordered that this month instead!!

I also got a blue hiacynth (I have just discovered this is the worst word to spell ever!) plant today from M and S. I really think they smell diving and look amazing. I am not really green fingered, tending to kill rather than nuture most of my indoor plants. Outside plants are easy, it's just the iindoor ones that suffer from neglect in our house! Hope I dont kill it before it blooms.

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