Sunday, 1 February 2009

What have I been up to?

Apart from my Gogo designs (which I enjoy the mostest throughout my scrapping month) I have been busy and not had much time for creating stuff until this weekend.

Last friday I was lucky to get a few hours to myself and decided to go pursue one of my NY resolutions, to use my sewing machine.

So I made an apron. It was my first attempt at anything remotely useful!!

The lady in my local material shop was most helpful and patient with me and ta-dah this is what I made!.

Practice makes perfect, I intend to be making a few more of these during this month and get it off to a fine art! Note to self, better stitching required and DONT double stitch the pockets, it looks naff!


Leanne said...

i love this apron sooooooo much!!! Lx

Jane said...

fab apron and I can't see anything 'Naff' about it at all :)