Sunday, 19 April 2009

Appletini Daily Routine Challenge

As set by Cath, here are my two entries.

Well I did have some time on my hands today and I wasnt very happy with the regularness of my first layout. Too many straight edges for my liking, thats the only way I can express it! I do so like to Cosmo Girl Friday range though, just not what I did with it here!

(Does anyone else find that they need to do a little warm up layout before they start to like what they make? I do. Is this quite normal? I think its because I dont scrap daily, normally at the weekends or on my days off. The first thing I do always seems to be an effort and then I can happily keep going for as long as my eyes hold out!)

I routed out an old 2008 Bad Girls kit lurking in my room. It was chocked with Melissa Frances papers in very pink, girly colours. Not really my sort of thing but I tried to throw it all together with some paint. I like the result of this but the rest of those papers are going to be liberated this weekend!! I cant keep them any longer.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful layouts!!! Great job on them!!