Monday, 6 April 2009

More April 2008 Use it Up-ness

A second layout that I made. I took the colour theme idea from the packaging of the Making Memories alphas and embellishments. I love the blue spots against the black background here.

A little cluster here and there makes for a voluminous layout!

I addeed some extra red bling from my stash on this one, thus why I havent uploaded to the CH - not entirely sure this meets all the rules!!

This was a trial in every sense of the word. Trial of make-up, trial of grina nd trial of that POGO printer that I brought last year bt that I hadnt tried until this weekend!

Cool little printer, works well with the bluetooth on my mac laptop. Sadly I found out it is not compatible with the IPhone which is a bit miffing. apparently the IPhone is bluetooth enabled but will not transmit out? Why have it on the phone then?

It is quite grainy though, good for impromptu mini books and I do love the way you dont need a wire and that the photos magically shoot out! (Maybe Im just getting old and all this new technology is too much for me!)

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