Monday, 6 April 2009

Some lifts from May Scrapbook Trends

I just wanted to scrap my little heart out yesterday, to not think about anything. I wanted to get messy and use the glue and scissors. I was leafing through the new magazine; as you do; and came across some divine layouts and decided to lift them.

I changed this one a little interms of placemet, etc. It was the doodling round the flowers I liked. I got to use some sparkly pens that I bought from QVC ages ago and thought this would be great to give them a try!

I also liked the ickle cluster bottom right of her LO too.

(Why is it that some days I watch QVC on a Tueday and decided that its a really good idea to buy soemthing from them. Otherdays I watch it and sigh with disappointment! Infact I think its the whole craft days that get me rather than the usual shows)

So thank you to Brenda Hurd, page 27 for a spankingly good LO!

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