Monday, 24 August 2009

And it went a little something like this..

Well I survived the week away.

I passed my course with a very creditable test mark at the end of the week. I met some nice people too.

I stayed rather too close to Brent Cross Shopping centre so my evenings were spent shopping, dining and visiting the hairdressers! I also got to go to Barnet Golf Club as well.

SI came out whilst I was away. The lovely editorial team did a focus on my blog (thanks x) and I managed to squeeze in a layout and a peek of one from next month too!

I got back home to discover little of my stash post from Amercia has arrived. (Yeah for Unity Stamps!). CD, SC and 2Peas still awaits!

I did however find a lovely thanks card on my doormat (Thanks to you for that - you were more than welcome x)

So once I had recovered from the week the weekend began. I took Dad out for his birthday, and bumped into Karen Moss en route! (She has some lovely, lovely stuff in SI this month and more to come from her I am told.

I had a golf lesson. It went well. I then had to shop for a creditable golf outfit as my next lesson will be on a course; albeit a 9 hole one. (OMG)

I managed to fit in some scrapping too.

I finished this mini book from a Donna Downey class that I took in 2007, it now all ready for our holiday.

I made a couple of cards with some left over CD products and a PTI stamp.

I finally made a couple of layous. The first on is on grey card. I love this shade. I think grey is such a good alternative to kraft as well.

Secondly I paid a visit to Jimmys Farm a few weeks ago and I was more than a little surprised to find a butterfly farm. I managed to bag some lovely butterfly photos and have been itching to place them on a layout ever since. I really liked this MM die cut paper. Beware, the sticker on the back is hard to remove and almost takes the paper along with it.

The blue and white D Ring shape is the handle to a hidden journal panel underneath the photos. I wanted to keep my writing hidden out of view as the photo and the papers seemed to be eyecatching enough.

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Karen said...

Hi Karen

Can you e-mail me as I have a little news about hiring the church hall - it may be what you want but it is quite expensive.

see you on Saturday and thanks for the promo on your blog and your los are absolutely gorgeous. I haven't seen a copy of SI yet as I held back from buying one as I will be sent one in the post and am trying to economise a bit at the mo so spending £4.00 for something I am going to get anyway is silly besides I spent the money on a new handbag instead!

Look forward to seeing you on Saturday