Sunday, 16 August 2009

A lesson learned

Well, that would be that its pretty hard to blog every day, regardless of life and other commitments! Made ultra difficult by the fact that I went to work Thursday afternoon and didnt get back until Friday afternoon!

Anyway, I had a fantastic weekend.

Friday afternoon I got to the Golf range. Practice was OK but hard as I was tired.

Friday evening went to the cinema with my DH and we saw The Ugly Truth. Mightily funny. We had a Mexican for dinner and (more) Ben and Jerry's for dessert!

Saturday I went shopping and got a fantastic pair of suede boots from Jones. (Like these but in brown suede) I also got to do some crafting and catched up with Sky + link series TV!!

Today I have had the nicest day with scrapping friends. Talked lots, ate more and even made a few projects - christmas projects!

Next week Im on a work course all week and hopefully I will get news on Monday about my new job. Im keeping everything crossed.

So my bags are packed and Im ready to rock and roll my way through the week. Hopefully I can share my exciting new scrapping news soon too .


Eileen said...

Like the boots.
Is that a recommendation for Ugly Truth?

Nicola said...

It was a fabby day , thanks so much and fingers and toes crossed for you this week xxx