Sunday, 9 August 2009

Crafting with Miss Lola

Well it was a busy but productive day yesterday.

Picked Miss L up at 09.15 and drove to my golf lesson. DH taught Miss L with a mini club whilst I managed to get a whopping 175 yards with my 4 wood! Not bad for my second lesson! (Have you fallen asleep yet?!)

Returned to C/N and got crafty with Miss L. We made a card for Reuben and one for Lola. Both impressively had some paper layering, inking, foam pads, stamping and some pretty ribbon. Also I discovered that the mini Thickers are really good when crafting with children. Although she wasnt buying the whole "If you cut the 8's up like this they make great letter E's"

Next and at super speed came a mini 6 x 6 scrapbook which we started. Pictures of Lola gardening with some marigolds and a visit to London to see "the Queen" and Hairspray.(Did I mention that this child likes (actually LOVES) to sing and dance so her ideal day out includes a show!)

Here are some pictures.....

The blue card is for Reuben and the green for Molly x

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Debbie said...

No children anywhere near my craft table!! No sir-eeeeeeeeee