Friday, 7 August 2009

The good and the why did I do that again?

I have been lucky to have an afternoon to myself to play in my craft room.

I always seem to start off with a little project which warms me up, kind of like a stretch at the gym before you get on the running machine!

Here is a little LO that I made using some scraps of a Studio Calico kit from a few months ago. I so love the whole blue/yellow colour combo at the moment.

Here are two layouts that I started ages ago but didnt finish and put aside. Note to self. Dont bother doin git again. I seem to lose my impetus mid way through and wnd up with layouts that dont really do it for me! So I resigned myself to use these as a bit of practice for a new style of handwriting and some layering of products, paper and rub ons.

Finally the good! Some lovely ickle notebooks I have made using the book binding stash I sourced from Southampton Row, London.


Tinkersdamn said...

I have a ton of half-finished LO's sitting neatly stacked in a CM box. Always think, yes, I must do those. Nope, I never do. And you're right, you never like them very much when they finally get done. It's like... homework then, instead of a hobby.
Maybe that will be my new project, rebirthing half-done projects.
(falls on floor laughing) Riiight. :)

Debbie said...

a) wicked notepads - love them!!!
b) love the 'new' style of writing. Is this from the book you were talking about before?
c)Megan really does take a lovely photo
d)Love the way you angled the group of 4 photos on the mat.
e) did anyone ever bag those stamped images?