Monday, 10 August 2009

Today blog

is a collection of photos I have taken throughout the day.

A little project that I have started

The state of my hanging basket that hasnt been watered for at least 2 weeks. Every year I manage to kill them off yet every year I insist on getting another one and insist that this is the year I will start watering it.

A cool book with loads of good quotes and thought provoking subjects. (Thanks CK)

The awfully late time I left work as the wheel fell off today.

Finally my dinner! Somedays it seems I eat all three of my meals out of a packet of some sort. (Did you know there are only 3 WW points in 6 inch veggie delight?)

Heres hoping for a little more me time tomorrow and the end to the golf induced back ache too!


Debbie said...

Just did an embarrassing out loud belly gaffaw at the state of your hanging basket!! It's worse than mine (mine are in tip top nick this year!)

And thanks for the points info - 3pts? Thats amazing!

Eileen said...

Been taking everyday photos today as well. Got my friend in New Zealand to agree to a swap as I realised that I know nothing about her life anymore as we lost touch for over 7 yrs!