Saturday, 10 October 2009

Sorry the posts ran a bit dry - I was a bit poorly on hols after this City of Love stage!

Anyway we made it to Washington, then flew to Orlando and finally finished our adventure in Miami.

The weather was amazing and it was getting hotter the further South we went. We averaged a balmy 92 degrees in Orlando. In this silly heat I even managed to play round my first golf course. OK and I managed to shop too!

In Georgetown in Washington I was looking for scrapbook magazines. I found a Barnes and Noble and they had two in store, CK and Scrapbook Inspirations. How excited was I to see our UK magazines on the racks? Very!

Holiday highlights included seeing Aretha Franklin in Radio City Music Hall, Baseball in Washington, Kennedy Space Centre, Washington’s Omni Shoreham Hotel and Papersource in real life. DH rather enjoyed running up the steps in Phily in the style of Rocky. I didn’t realise this was where the film was set. I walked the route he ran in the film. If he actually ran it he is a very fit man indeed.

So it is back home now to the rain and chilly weather. I quite missed it for three weeks.

Here are a few pictures to share of some of the things we saw and did.

Harvard - the Uni and Village

Hot Dogs - the first outside Fenway Park

High rise NYC - Time Square Wide Angle stylee.

They are not Toms, they are mine. The most comfortable shoes I could find.

A Rocky moment. The statue.

Hot Shopping in PaperSource.

The ball park at Washington. A very different sporting affair.

Aye, aye Cap'n. The sun in my eyes at Universal.

SI. As found in B and N in Washington.

The plan is to update the blog with some craft stuff over the weekend. Though I am brimming with SI plans so I will not be able to share them all.

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Rosie said...

Love the pic of the mag! Your trip looks incredible.