Monday, 9 November 2009

The last monthly edition of SI

Here are the layouts and projects that I maded for SI.

It's a massive bumper edition and full of lovely Christmas things.

I rarely play with DLO's, so when SI asked for some I put my hand up and sent this in. Last Christmas I didnt take my 'best' camera on Christmas Day, I took a little point and shoot. I was not best pleased with the results but it was the only record I had. (I find that if you make the photos smaller and use them in a collage format they always look a whole lot better!)

I added tulle, pom poms, bling and pearls to this one too. I do so love a bit of layering. I remember when I made this I wanted to keep adding more and more but had to hold myself back a bit. I am loving fabric and trimmings at the moment.

This was a little file folder project that I created with card inserts that could be tweaked for any situation. (I thought it would be great as a birthday book, record of books read, etc). I started off with a piece of 12 x 12 card and created the basic shape by using qurters and cutting and shaping in the card from this basic shape.

Accordian side pieces of paper ensure that your card flap is 'man enough' for the job. I also decorated the rear of the folder as I think it finishes off a little book or folder rather than leaving it blank.

On this layout I tried to get a few things going on together.

Firstly I made a bead and wire flower to match the one on Graces hat. This was so bulky it was never going to sit flush on the page so I had to add a frame so it would lay well. I think the wire I used wasnt rigid enough and would do it differently now. The problem seems to be rigid wire is thick and the beads jsut will not thread through.

Using some foam board I created a frame, covered it with paper and added the title to it (I ran out of room and needed a neat place for it to go!)

Finally the frame serves as a flap and underneath I added the journalling and some extra photos. To secure the flap I found some very thin magnetic strips which were sticky backed which kept it very neatly in place. I think they were 99p for a bag of 20 from somewhere like The Range (can't remember exactly where) which is cheap as chips!

I made the red folder with the aid of my Score-pal. I love this gadget and would thoroughly recommend it. I was mucking about with some pieces of odd MME paper left over from another project and decided to turn it into some bags and macthing cards. I was really folding and playing and I made the rosettes which became the common theme I guess.

They were a little tricky the keep in one solid, round shape. In the end I kept the middle in place with foam tape and added copious amounts of PVA glue to the centre of the folds. I placed a piece of white paper on top of this and sat a tea cup on to while it dried to keep the shape. (It's very high tech in my house!!)(The paper was to stop the tea cup sticking to the rosettes).

I always need one of these bags at some stage over Christmas; normally to pop vouchers inside. We never seem to have them in the house when we need them quickly.

So there we go, the last monthly edition of SI. Well done and thanks to all contributors and all those who worked at the magazine; we finished on a high.


Nadine said...

prettiness + awesomeness overload!

I love the layouts and the little
file folders! now I'm going to try
and make them ^^

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

I love the little Christmas album. Too cute!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I love the file folders!

Amy said...

Can I just say WOW!! Actually can I shout it! WOW Your projects all rock! Love that adorable paper and the little folders. So super cute. I must make some.

sharyncarlson said...

I love your designs, especially the little file folders :)