Thursday, 11 February 2010

Lets talk storage - 4

Buckets and pails.

These little metal and enamal buckets can be found everywhere and are perfect for keeping together collections or items that are linked.

They look super cool mounted on rails and can be a great way to use otherwise dead wall space.

This cream enamel bucket sits on my window sill. It contains pens, pencils and erasers. All the stuff that I use on my projects regardless of media type. In this bucket its highly portable and can come with me round the house wherever my crafts and travels take me.

Finally this silver pail sits on my new inspiration station(!). It's there to house items which I want to use; in particular to remind me to include older items on projects and designs which have lain dormant in my cupboards for a while. Right now its full of 7 Gypsies self inking stamps. I confess I forgot Ihad them. It must work as I have used them on three projects recently.

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