Monday, 1 February 2010

New Skill

I have been cyber chatting with this girl, who has inspired me to learn a new skill.

Happily I am going to learn to knit.

Check out The Make Lounge HERE. I am booked in to make my first project, a way too cool for school pair of knitted mittens. How cute are these?

Also thanks to I found a local knitting group who are going to take me under their wing and help me get started.

Today I bought some 4mm needles: not to long for a novice; and some grey Ethical twist Eco Wool. I have dreams of creating a little neck warmer (technically like a scarf but shorter!) I will see how it goes and post my creations soon!

(I also want to take the leather cinch class and the knickers class also looks divine!)


I have some exciting news to share about a little adventure that I was asked to take part in, to be announced later this week.....

Also looking forward to an adventure out with friends on Thursday to put in place an idea that is long overdue!


Leanne said...

Yay for new skills! Can't wait to see what you make!! That class looks fabby!!!! Xx

Lois said...

I've just taken up knitting myself, too. You will have to check out my blog post where I knitted a blanket for my 5 year old's Polly Pocket bed. Hee hee!
I have found it to be a very relaxing hobby and am enjoying finding another way to express my crafty self when I can't scrapbook.
I can't wait to see your first project!

Coley said...

Hi Lois, can you send me a link to your blog so I can check out your knitting? Thanks for the comment and encouragement too. Karen x