Friday, 29 January 2010

I heart you Valentines day, I do

Ahh, lovely, lovely Valentines. I heart you I do, honestly.

You have just got to love the kitsch celebration where buying flowers quadruples in price overnight. (Actually this bit I don't like). I kind of do like the idea that we take time out to stop and appreciate others maybe a little more than we might normally do.

I had two lovely pieces of post, bought to inspire me that I wanted to share today.

My first: Love Mittens! Yup, honestly.

Check them out here. They came wrapped in gorgeous black tulle and along with a little diamante heart, swoon. I am such a sucker for a good bit of wrapping. These make me smile just looking at the picture!

My second: Emilio Cavallini hearts socks.

As found on Ebay UK (heart you too). These are ultra cute and simply perfect for Valentines day.

( I am off not to see how I can make my studio a little more red and full of hearts)

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