Monday, 17 May 2010

Old Gogo Getaway Projects

I had some old GoGo Getaway kits from way back when. These are the ones I didn't get chance to do when I was assisting the teachers. Not sure if they are from the first or second one I went to though.

I finally got chance to have a little play with them. Whilst away for a week in London I had an evening to spare and only had room to take something with me that was already pre packed.

The classes designed by Jane Dean and Mary Ann I followed quite closely. The other kits I kind of freestyled with. I found it really hard to create without my usual extra stash or tools but gave it a go in any case. I did find it quite liberating to use up some of my older stuff though!

Amended to add: I seem to have a lot of traffic from the Gogo website direct to this post. Alas I am not a member anymore but would love to know if a thread had been posted to direct people in. Thats nice :)

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