Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A quick review on that hot glue gun

The pink gun has been out to play and had a proper test tonight on a little project that I was working on.

It takes four AA batteries and in term of time about three minutes to warm up the the stage that the glue melts through. It has a built in stand so in case you forget its on you will not destroy your work surface.

It is a thick glutenous glue, quite chunky and suitable for holding in place large elements. It kind of reminds me of silicon (as in decoupage), except its hot and dries a lot quicker!

I added on flowers and some metals and they are holding well and are raised from my page in a chunky layout stylee. I am not so sure I would want to add paper with this stuff, I doubt you could get it flush. I think a telltale glue bump would be visible.

I may well be in the minority of people that hasn't ever used hot glue, but I like it and think there is a place for it in my glue stash along with the Herma, DST, ATG gun, etc. Its a cool gadget and worth the £15. A real winner for adding embellishments and chunk.

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